BFT California - Paul Feig has elaborated on his plans for a female-led Ghostbusters 3, promising it will be funny but also scary.

The Bridesmaids director confirmed on Twitter the rumours that he will direct the new reboot and he has now opened up to Entertainment Weekly with more details.

Paul revealed: “ I love origin stories. That’s my favourite thing. I love the first one so much I don’t want to do anything to ruin the memory of that. So it just felt like, let’s just restart it because then we can have new dynamics. I want the technology to be even cooler.

“I want it to be really scary, and I want it to happen in our world today that hasn’t gone through it so it’s like, oh my God what’s going on?”

Even though he wants to reboot the franchise with new female characters, the Heat director admitted he would love any of the original stars - Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver - to make cameos in the new movie. He said: “I mean, look, those are my comedy heroes. So as far as I’m concerned, anybody wants to come back I welcome with open arms. It would just be in different roles now, but it would be fun to figure out how to do that.” Paul said the new movie would not simply be a retelling of the original story with the same characters in female form. He revealed: “We want to have fun with giving nods to what came before, but we don’t want to be bound by it because Katie [Dippold his co-writer] and I already have talked at length and we have really fun ideas for things.