MULTAN - Agriculture experts have advised growers to trim the gram crop within ten to fifteen days after germination to maintain suitable plant-to-plant distance for better growth. Plant-to-plant distance should be maintained at 15 cm or six inches in rows by removing additional plants, according to a statement issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department on Friday. Trimming be delayed in case of moisture in soil to avoid risk of disease. Gram crop need comparatively less water, however, light irrigation be done in case of no rains in irrigated areas to avoid risk of disease at flower stage.

“Kabli Chana” variety of gram crop need first water 45 days after sowing and second water at flower stage.

Growers should also remove weeds some 30-40 days after sowing while second hoeing be done within 70-80 days. Weeds be removed through hoeing before they reach flower stage.

Farmers should sow varieties having resistance against diseases while pesticides be applied only after consulting agriculture extension and pest warning officials to control pest attack.