LAHORE - JI chief Sirajul Haq has said that the Hindus understand the language of armed response and Indian aggression can be dealt with use of force.

Addressing Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, he said that the rulers in New Delhi had gone mad and wanted to plunge the region into a war. India would find Pakistani nation united if it dared to thrust a war upon Pakistan.

He added that each Pakistani would play the role of Muhammad Bin Qasim, Salahud Din Ayubi and Mehmud Ghaznavi if the Hindu Baniya dared to attack the Islamic state.

Siraj said: “I would advise Indian Prime Minister Narendera Modi to stop amassing arms worth trillions and instead divert this money for the uplift of the millions in India who went without food and clothing.”

He said if the Indian Premier thought that Pakistan would give up its claim on Kashmir due to his hollow threats, he was gravely mistaken.

JI chief said it was a pity that the rulers in Islamabad had demonstrated cowardice in the face of on going Indian excesses across the border instead of giving a befitting response.

He added that the government was supposed to protect the life and property of the citizens but the Pakistani rulers had given a free hand to India to target our citizens.

Siraj said that it would wise for the government to give up it efforts to befriend India and take immediate steps for the country’s defence.

Meanwhile, JI chief visited the house of Tahir Malik, who was shot dead by the guard of former premier Yusuf Raza Gilani’s son and offered condolences with the deceased’s father.

Later talking to the media, he said that justice should be done and the culprits of this high crime should be penalised for their brutal act. Had there been a government such a tragic incident could not have occurred. He said that the JI had also set up a legal committee to provide assistance to the family of the deceased.

Siraj remarked that Pakistan was being ruled by the Brahmans as in India even after 67 years of independence. Just as in India, the untouchables were not treated as human beings, similarly, the VIPs in this country considered the poor as untouchables.