QUETTA- Opposition leader Khursheed Shah said today that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cannot be removed forcefully by unconstitutional process.

Speaking in a press conference, Shah said that though the PM disappointed the nation as he did not fulfill his promises but it does not mean that he should be removed forcefully.

He said his comments regarding midterm elections were quoted out of context. He said that there is no provision in the constitution regarding midterm elections. “Midterm elections can only be held if the PM resigns”, he told journalists. He said that if process of wrapping up governments through sit ins and protest was allowed than our fate would be similar to worst than Afghanistan

Shah said that the PPP took the issues of Balochistan first and it still raises voice for the people of the province. Criticizing PTI and PAT, the opposition leader said that the sit-ins of the parties had damaged economy of the country and such protests could only lead towards dangerous conditions. “We are trying to save democracy, not Nawaz Sharif”, he added.