ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chief Dr Tahir ul Qadri has finally decided to take some rest and has announced to leave for Faisalabad tomorrow and will return to his sit-in venue at Islamabad after four days.

Qadri, who is engaged in Islamabad for around two months due to his sit-in, now has adopted the strategy of Imran Khan and announced to hold rallies in different cities. Unlike Imran Khan, Qadri does not have the facility of helicopter so he will be moving through roads to address these rallies. The same deficiency also provides him the opportunity to remain off the sit-in venue for few days.

His first public meeting is going to take place in Faisalabad for which he has announced to leave the sit-in on Sunday. Qadri while addressing his followers here in D-Chowk on Friday said that he will be going to different cities after his address in Faisalabad so he will not be back immediately and will address them through video link. He told his followers that he will leave for Lahore rally that will be held on October 19 from the sit-in that means he will be back to the capital before that time.

Qadri asked his activists to wrap up tents from the D-Chowk and place them along the roadside near the PTV building. He also categorically asked his supporters to stay put at the sit-in.

During his address to his followers, Qadri said, “On October 12, a historic rally will be held in Faisalabad”.

He said the sit-in will continue at its place [Islamabad]. After Faisalabad rally, I will again come to Islamabad, he added.

“We will continue sloganeering against the corrupt system. I am sending my workers in every part of the country to spread the message of revolution,” he said.