LAHORE - PML(Z) chief MNA Ijazul Haq called on Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Friday and shared with him views on the current political situation and the border tension.

Both leaders expressed surprise that the country was in a difficult situation due to border aggression by India but some parties did not feel the pulse of the time and were indulged in the politics of protest and sit-ins to divide the nation.

Chief Minister said that dharna holders in Islamabad have caused immense economic loss to country which a poor nation like ours cannot afford. He said the protesting parties are in fact playing with the destiny of the country and they are continuing their protest dharna despite the fact their true faces are exposed to the masses.

He said dharna holders have no agenda but to inflict economic loss on the country so that the nation could not get rid of the problems and remain backward and weak. The nation will never forget them for what they have planned and doing to them and the country, he said while pointing out the PTI and the PAT protest. In view of the border tension, the Chief Minister said it was time to show unity and oneness to the world but the PTI and PAT leaders through the politics of protest are out to divide the nation.

The chief minister said despite odds, the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is determined to steer the country out of problems and make the people prosperous and uplift their living standard.