KARACHI - Pakistan Tanners Association (S.Z) Chairman Hamid Zahoor said this year about 2.5 million cows, four million sheep and one million goats were slaughtered in Pakistan while people slaughtered around two million cows, 3.7 million to 3.8 million sheep and 700,000 to 800,000 goats last year. An average price of cow/calf’s hide is Rs3,800, while that of goat/ sheep is Rs375. “This festival meets only 25 to 30 percent annual needs of (raw material) tannery industry, said a former Chairman PTA, Gulzar Firoz. He said that prices of sheep and goat hides went down this year while cow’s skin fetched good price compared to last year.

He said that price of sheep’s hide is going down globally due to decline in demand. Pakistan’s leather industry meets half of the sheep’s hides demand through import. Tanners do not import hides of cows and goats as the animals slaughtered in the country are enough to meet local industry’s needs, he added.