Islamabad - After Eid-ul-Azha, the wedding season getting momentum, marking the booking of hotels and marriage halls booking difficult till the end of Zil-Haj.

People avoid holding marriages in the sacred month of Muharram ul Haram and try to arrange their function as per availability Marriage halls and hotels till the last day of current Islamic month.

Marriage events start from the third day of Eid ul Azha keeping in view of the convenience of relatives who came from other cities to celebrate Eid so they need not to come again for attending marriage functions or took extra leaves from their workplaces to prolong their Eid vacations.

The marriage hall owners taking advantage of the high demand also charge more rates of halls as well as the per head food packages for the guests realizing that people want to complete their planned marriage ceremonies in this month at any cost.

The rush in markets for completing left over shopping started with the reopening of shops after Eid while women pressing hard to tailors for handing over wedding clothes.

Sale of decorative items especially flowers both fresh and artificial, colourful ribbons, wish wands, bells, paper lanterns, streamers, honeycomb tissue balls with tassels, metallic and glittering stars, ribbon hanging swirls, twinkling paper stars, floral sheets and myriad rolls are also in high demand these days.

Saloons also not only receiving heavy customers for bridal make up but the parties make up of the sisters, relatives and friends of brides and grooms also give them accelerated business.

Besides booking for girls, now the emerging trend of male saloons also give a good business to owners as the youngsters took special hair cut, facial and other skin treatments not only for the groom but also for his friends and close relatives.

The catering business runners also receive a huge number of orders for the functions arranged at home before marriages like Mahndi, Mayon etc. while those who arrange their main functions of Barat and Walima at home or nearby open places also get catering services from these professionals.

These extravagant expenditure at marriages is basically against the basic concept of Islam which teaches lesson of simplicity.

These large functions not only create class difference in the society but also a major reason behind the increasing social evils in the society where everyone is in the race and forgets social and moral values and responsibilities.