MULTAN - Unleashing ferocious criticism on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for what he described as his criminal silence on Indian aggression and American drone attacks, PTI chief Imran Khan has suggested to Indian premier Modi that instead of becoming a muscleman for appeasing a small community of fanatics, become a statesman and promote peace in the subcontinent.

"Representing Pakistani nation, I give you this message Mr Modi that if you think that the muscles you are flexing before us will frighten Pakistani nation, it is your misconception. The nation and army stand united and nothing can defeat us,” he said on Friday addressing a mammoth gathering here.

Fourth in a string of public meetings after Karachi, Lahore and Mianwali, the Multan procession turned out a historic one in the history of Multan. Waving colourful party flags and flashing victory signs, a massive crowd comprising youth, families with their kids and elders assembled at Qasim Bagh Stadium chanting Go Nawaz Go slogans.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman said that Indians elected Modi as their PM and now he had a chance to resolve Kashmir dispute. He asked Modi to pull out his seven lac army from Kashmir and let Kashmiris decide their fate. "It is time and opportunity to promote peace by resolving Kashmir dispute. It will bring prosperity and end poverty. If India-Pakistan relations improve, we can utilise money being spent on guns to eliminate poverty," he suggested.

Imran Khan said that on one hand drone attacks took place while on the other hand India launched heavy shelling on Sialkot border but Nawaz Sharif did not say even a single word against it. He recalled that Nawaz used to talk against drone attacks during election campaign and asked why he got silent on this topic now. "It is because his businesses are located abroad; his billions of dollars are stashed in foreign banks. That's why he can't dare say anything to America." Referring to Modi's threats to Pakistan, he said Nawaz remained silent because his son was doing business in India.

The PTI chief disclosed he was thinking of moving court on issue of declaration of local assets by Sharifs and concealing the ones they owned abroad. He declared he would break Nawaz-Zardari partnership as they both were befooling the nation for last 25 years. Khan said the assets of both of them were abroad and they came to Pakistan to make money. "Declare your own assets and that of your siblings. It is people’s right to know what is prime minister's source of income and how much tax he pays," he added.

Imran Khan regretted that all conventional politicians were sucking people’s blood and the people should ask them that how much property they owned before and after becoming politicians. He maintained that some politicians say they were leftists and the others said they were centrists while some were doing politics in the name of religion. "But all of the thieves got frightened from our sit-in and united to prevent their political shops from being shut down. God Willing, I'll shut their shops with your power!" he yelled to the attendants.

Supporting the idea of creating new provinces on administrative grounds, he declared that PTI would constitute a commission to chalk out line of action for it to make lives of people easier. He said the rulers deprived residents of southern Punjab of their due share of funds. “These funds are taken to Lahore but spent only around Raiwind. Even 70 per cent residents of Lahore do not get clean drinking water,” he claimed. He said the rulers did not build schools or hospitals but metro bus system because they earned heavy kickbacks from these projects. He alleged that actual cost of Islamabad Metro project was just Rs4 billion but rulers were going to spend Rs50 billion on it.

Imran Khan declared that PTI would introduce local government system to liberate the masses from the clutches of MNAs and MPAs. He added that PTI would offer subsidy to small farmers and easy loans to small businessmen. He declared that PTI would chalk out strategy to bring 110 million Pakistanis out of poverty line.

PTI leader asked people to make promise with him that they would not give vote to anyone whose money was abroad and to those who intended to do business after coming into power. He claimed that Nawaz Sharif carried out 14 foreign tours which cost the nation over 700 million, adding that all the tours were meant to promote his business.

He said although the next public meeting would take place in Sargodha, he looked forward to holding meeting in Larkana on Nov 21. "So far, Zardari and PPPP consider Sindh their inheritance. Be prepared Zardari, I'll rise Sindhis and liberate them from the tyranny of Waderas (feudal lords)!" he declared.

Speaking on the occasion, AML chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad warned Nawaz Sharif that if he declined to resign and his act posed any threat to the democracy, the charged workers would burn his palaces. Recalling PPPP's Co-chairman Asif Zardari's statement in which he declared Imran a water bubble, Sheikh warned him to beware if his horses converted into donkeys.

PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi said he would not demand any party office, ticket or ministry from the party but he sought from Imran the right of southern Punjab. He added that PML-N won from this region many times but did no development work while PPPP gave funds but appointed middlemen at PM House, who earned massive kickbacks. He said the public referendum rejected Jungla Bus in Multan, hurling a warning to the government that a big movement would take place from here if they tried to impose the project.

He said that both PPPP and PML-N befooled residents of southern Punjab on the issue of Saraiki province. "Zardari told lies while Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif tried to divide the region. If Imran Khan becomes prime minister, I'll seek justice from him as an advocate of this region," he added. He asked Imran that he gave respect to Hashmi but what he got in return from him.