ISLAMABAD: MQM Parliamentary Leader Dr. Farooq Sattar yesterday expressed his optimism that the ‘Grievance Rederessal Committee’ would help address his party’s complaints. “I am optimistic the formation of a committee will prove fruitful to address MQM’s grievance,” said MQM’s parliamentary leader Dr.Farooq Sattar, talking to TheNation.

The ‘Grievance Rederessal Committee’ will be formed in a couple of days to start its work. The government and MQM other day (Friday) after successful talks decided to form this committee. The MQM, which stayed away from parliamentary politics for two months, decided to take back their resignations following the government’s nod to form a committee on its grievances. When contacted, MQM Senior Leader Waseem Akhtar said that his party will formally start taking back their resignations soon after the formation of the committee. “Soon after the formation of committee, we (MQM lawmakers) will take back their resignations,” he added.

The MQM lawmakers from National Assembly, Senate and the Sindh Assembly had tendered en-masse resignations around two months before (12 August) presenting 19 reasons before the government. The MQM mainly blamed the government for pushing them against the wall and imposing unannounced restrictions on their political, democratic and social activities. MQM, around a month before, had also put forth demands, including lifting of undeclared ban on ‘welfare’ activities (collecting hides during Eid Ul-Azha) and Altaf Hussian’s speech on electronic media. These demands were not fulfilled by the government. MQM had earlier called off talks with the government, saying the government was not serious in resolving their issue. The party holds total 53 seats in parliament, including Senate.