Most of the people think that with the increasing popularity of cellular services, fixed line telephone usage has been on a decline and we tend to forget the importance of fixed line communication.

Our offices, homes still need landline and there are many reasons behind this. Especially in Pakistan, when the authorities ban cell phone signals in Pakistan due to terrorism threats at major events like recently we celebrated Defense Day where cellular services were suspended for several hours and at such occasions, the only way to contact is to have landline at home and offices otherwise in this communication era, we will be like a lonely person in jungle.

I am user of internet on my mobile phone but whenever authorities ban cellular signals, I observed that I could not even use internet, as everything is directly related to signals which were not available. Then I have decided to go for a PTCL connection at earliest to have DSL all the times and to avoid any delay in my important work related assignments. We usually think now days that landline is only the requirement of rural and far flung areas but as we cannot underestimate the importance of newspaper in the time of growing electronic media culture, same goes with landline connection even in metropolitans. In case of any emergency, and if there is no cellular signal, in such scenarios the only help you get is from your old friend, the landline connection that connects you with the outer world when there is no one there to reach you.


Islamabad, September 18.