LAHORE - PTI leader Chaudhry Sarwar yesterday termed the press conference of the prime minister part of pre-poll rigging and urged the party supporters to translate the spirit of election drive into ballot power today.

Talking to The Nation, Sarwar said his party believed the presser of the premier was an indirect violation of the election code of conduct.

He added: “The government has announced Orange Train project after Metro Bus. Would it not be wise to launch public welfare projects which benefit a larger part of the city population? I appeal to the party supporters and leaders to be in the field early. Vote early and remain outside their respective polling stations to foil the ruling party’s attempts to steal the by-election result,” he said.

Sarwar claimed PTI would strike the so-called citadel of the ruling party in today’s by-elections, grabbing victory in NA-122 and PP-147. “I have requested PTI MPA in PP-148, Mian Aslam Iqbal, and his family members to cast the first vote to lead and motivate the party volunteers in NA-122,” Sarwar said.

“I have sent a short message to all the party supporters to express the same enthusiasm on the polling day, which they had shown during the election drive,” he said.