Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz member Maiza Hameed has said that she received threat SMS, Waqt News reported.  “These messages are being sent to our party members since we have started the by-poll campaign in NA-122,” she added.

While talking to the Waqt News she claimed that message states that you must step back from the campaign or else you will be shot in the head. “I don’t know about the sender and number is unknown to me,” she said.

On the issue Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf member Andaleeb Abbasi has said that it is a stunt to gain the people sympathizes of masses, she was talking to the Waqt News as well.

“PML-N is ruling party so she must send this message to ISI and other security agencies and they will tell her about the sender in very short time period, ” she stated.