Dear Shahbaz Sharif, CM Punjab. In almost all districts of Punjab quackery is going on with same pace, unhindered and unchecked. Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) is trying but much is needed to be done in this regard.

First, all medical store keepers are giving medicines to the patients without having preliminary knowledge about drugs as roughly all medical store keepers are primary or matriculate educated. Public has become resistant to antibiotics. Steroid therapy is the part of their practice. If this practice goes on unhampered then people of our province will be in great danger.

Further, some of the doctors with MBBS are also doing C-Sections and appendectomies without training in surgery. All surgical procedures are done by OTAs under the name of doctors. Never are they accompanied by Anaesthetists. Therefore, many of the poor people lick the dust due to over dose of anaesthetic drugs or mismanagement of surgical procedure. In every small hospital no Anesthesia machine is available.

The worst form of quackery is seen in small towns where LHVs/MWs are pretending to be gynaecologists and damage patient’s health. Please do something as you are doing the best in our province.

Doctors of CMIPHC Punjab,

September 6.