LAHORE - The main political parties, PML-N and PTI, have worked out the plans to provide transport to the voters to and from the polling stations in NA-122 today.

Sources say both the parties have prepared almost identical procedure to pick up the voters and drop them back home after they have voted their respective candidates. However, there is a difference that PTI is blaming the rival PML-N for involving police and the district administration for forcibly occupying the private transport.

Teams have been constituted by both the parties to provide transportation to the voters and these teams will act under the supervision of candidate and office bearers of the parties.

Both sides have hired excess transport which includes motorcycle rickshaws, cars, loaders, vans and small size trucks. Sources say the parties have already contacted the voters and enlisted them from providing them transport according to the time. The constituency houses as many as 284 polling stations to be set up as many as 137 schools and public buildings in the constituency.

However both sides are also mindful that the a chunk of their respective voters would mostly reach the polling station on their own, even as they have made arrangement to contact them on cell phones to provide them transport if needed.

As the polling day (Sunday) is a public holiday, the city will have less traffic load on the roads. The constituency consists of posh, middle class and lower middle class areas for which different type of logistic would be needed to give pick and drop to the voters.

There are narrow and moderately wide streets in the areas like Icchra, Samnadad, Basti Saiden Shah, Dharampura and Ghari Shahu and open localities like Upper Mall, the Mall and Dr Majid Nizami Raod where the well off voters can afford to reach the polling station through their personal vehicle.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has also fielded candidate and the party camp says they have committed voters who would come to cast their votes even on foot. Nevertheless its candidate has also made some arrangements to provide transport on phone call.