Islamabad - Despite local administration’s claims about elimination of dengue from the city, the residents of the federal capital are still being affected from the larva and most of the people suffering from the disease come from less-developed areas of the city.

According to the data of Federal Government Services Hospital (Polyclinic), 44 patients suffering from dengue fever were admitted in the hospital this season and majority of them were male. “Currently 09 patients are being treated in dengue ward and one of them was received today (Monday),” said an official. Out of nine, 07 are male patients while two are female.

The house addresses of these patients confirm that they are inhabitants of less-developed areas of the federal capital. The areas include Bhara Kahu, Tarali, Sohan and Christian colonies.

The other two public sector hospitals including Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences and (PIMS) and Capital Development Authority (CDA) are also receiving patients with positive diagnosed dengue fever. The number of patients in these hospitals is 11 and 8 respectively.

The district administration lunched the anti-dengue drive last month to destroy the dengue larva. The campaign was focused to take immediate safety measures against dengue fever, while fumigation and sprays were conducted in less-developed areas.

Ministry of Capital Administration & Development (CADD) and health authorities in a meeting announced to extend the anti-dengue drive till the end of this month which was started on October 8.

According to health official Dr Najeeb Durrani, the campaign has been extended because of increase in number of patients from rural areas. He also said that a total of 812 patients suffered from dengue this season and out of them 617 were from rural areas. The patients admitted in these hospitals belong to Lehtrar, Chak Shehzad, Tarnol, Jhangi Syedaan, Tramari, Bara Kahu, G-8, G-9, G-10, I-9 and I-11 areas.

Meanwhile, a number of residents from Islamabad are also getting treatment of dengue fever in allied hospitals of Rawalpindi.