It is estimated that Pakistan is the 7th largest country in terms of diabetes and it will be the 4th largest by the year 2030. According to calculations performed in 2011, 12.9 million people suffer from diabetes. No doubt, the main causes of diabetes is obesity. According to the list of the world’s fattest countries, Pakistan is ranked 165 out of 194 countries, and other researchers have pointed out that Pakistan is ranked 9 out of 188 countries in term of obesity. Approximately, 90,000 people lose their life due to diabetes every year in Pakistan. Experts have pointed out that unhealthy dietary habits lead to diabetes, and this can be addressed by inculcating regular exercise and physical exertion into one’s life. 

Beside this, millions of people are the victims of pre-diabetes in Pakistan - they may have diabetes sooner or later in their lives. They can lead a healthy life by educating themselves regarding health conditions, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

Interestingly, rice dishes such as biryani are one of the biggest causes of diabetes because they are entirely carbohydrates and offer little to no protein. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, a diabetes specialist, points out that people often try home remedies, herbal medicine, local surgeries, and faith healers before going to actual doctors. By then, it is too late. 


Turbat, September 22.