We are residents of DHA; one of the most secure societies of the city. On the first Friday of Ramzan, our house was robbed at noon. We lost some cash and 7 Tolas gold. Thankfully, the robbers could not enter the whole house and left after rummaging through one room which they had entered by cutting the window grill. My father filed an FIR at our local police station expecting nothing to happen. 

To our surprise; 2 months after the robbery (yesterday) a police officer came along and asked us questions about it and inquired for a copy of the FIR. He told us that the gang of robbers was caught, one of whom was sitting in the car and taking the Police to all the 30 houses which he had robbed. The police officer was from Naseerabaad Police Station and they had caught these robbers who were telling them the details after a good thrashing. We still have no hope of recovery of our valuables but it’s good to know that the police is trying its level best. Our police is not thought to be very efficient but I would like to commemorate their efforts. Everyone needs a pat on the back on good work. Kudos! 


Lahore, September 20.