ISLAMABAD -  Pakistan People’s Party leader Senator Rehman Malik and prominent Kashmiri freedom fighter Yasin Malik’s wife Mushaal Hussein Malik yesterday denounced the Indian barbarianism in held Kashmir.

The two invited world’s attention to the plight of the Kashmiris who were facing the Indian forces’ excesses.

Addressing a joint news conference here, they urged the United Nations to stop India from further brutalities in Kashmir.

Senator Malik pointed out that Yasin Malik’s family was suffering since last two years as he was in the unlawful detention of Indian forces.

The lawmaker said he was astonished how the United Nations was tight-lipped on the killing of innocent Kashmiris and human rights violations in held Kashmir.

Expressing disappointment on the silence of international community, human rights organizations and United Nations, Senator Malik asked why they all were silent spectators to the brutalities in Kashmir. 

Malik said he had already written to the UN General Secretary and UN Human Rights Commissioner diverting their attention towards the brutalities by Indian forces in Kashmir.

“Today I am sending another letter in the name of UN Human Rights Commissioner on the arrest of Yasin Malik,” said the Senator.

Earlier, Mushaal Hussein Malik – accompanied by her daughter Razia Sultana and mother - met the PPP leader who was directed by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to highlight the Kashmiris’ troubles amid the new wave of Indian state terrorism in the held valley.

Both discussed in detail the gross human rights violations taking place in Indian held Kashmir and about the arrest of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (Yasin) chief Yasin Malik by Indian forces.

Rehman Malik said Yasin Malik’s three years old daughter Raziya Sultana and wife Mushaal Hussain Malik had not seen Yasin Malik for the past two years and they do not know in what condition he was.

He said it was heartbreaking that a three-year old daughter was deprived of the love of her father who continuously sees her father’s footage on her mother’s cell phone.

Malik said the Indian government had denied issuing visas to them which was the violation of basic human rights. The lawmaker appealed to the UN Human Rights Commissioner to intervene and send a team to enquire about Yasin Malik’s health so that he could be shifted to any country for proper medical treatment.

Mushaal Hussain Malik appreciated PPP’s stance over the Kashmir issue. She said Bialwal had been raising the Kashmir issue across the world.

She said Senator Malik was right to call Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “terrorist rather Prime Minister” who knows nothing about the rights and value of humanity.

“If the Indian government doesn’t release Yasin Malik and not shift him to hospital immediately there is no guarantee of survival of his life,” Mushaal said.

Senator Malik said Mushaal was the daughter of Pakistan and daughter-in-law of Indian Occupied Kashmir and “she is a brave lady who is fighting for the rights of self-determination of Kashmiri people and for the release of her brave husband”.

He requested the media and all Pakistanis to call her as “Dukhtar-e-Pakistan (daughter of Pakistan)”. He said every Pakistani and especially the workers of PPP stood by the people of Kashmir in their fight against Indian brutalities and illegal confinement of their soil.

The Senator said Narendra Modi was man of criminal nature and hatemonger who had banned even the use of word “human rights” in his country “but I appeal to the international human rights organizations to move against Narendra Modi to stop brutalities in Kashmir.”

In his letter to the UN Human Rights Commissioner, the Senator wrote the brutal suppression and denial by the Indian government in granting basic human rights was now robbing the children of their future and rights.

“Yasin Malik and his family are fighting peacefully for their very basic right of “self-determination” as per the United Nations Security Council resolution rather committing any crime yet he is kept in illegal custody,” Rehman Malik said.

Senator Malik wrote: “Yasin Malik, who is a political activist, and heads the JKLF (Y) group, was taken into custody by Indian military in Kashmir, on July 9, 2016 and remains under interrogation since.”

He added: “Yasin Malik has been shifted to the notorious Humhuma Joint Interrogation Center in Indian-administered Kashmir, where he is being inflicted with inhuman torture and solitary confinement, without access to basic medical care. He is a chronic patient of kidney disease and has a metallic valve in his heart.” 

He said the rigours of interrogation have led to his alarming loss of 15 kilogram weight and deterioration of his health to dangerous levels. 

“I urge you to intervene justly, and to persuade Indian government in allowing his family to visit Yasin Malik, and to provide him the basic health facilities at the earliest, lest his life is lost due to insensitivity and highhandedness of the Indian Army in Kashmir,” he wrote.