“Night flows these days like a wave of wine, Dawn opens like a rose full of colour and scent; If cups are desolate, have some respect for spring; Fill the heart with desire, the eyes with blood.”


axThere was a time, not too long ago, when socio-political affairs implanted a great deal of inspiration within the people. Inspiration that was dealt with graceful expression. Expressions that involved great depth and sophistication of thought. Today, socio-political affairs lead to disillusionment and unaddressed resentment at best. The artists who used to cumulate heartfelt sentiments into a single verse are all gone; and they have taken with them, the art of expression.

Forever confusing religion with culture, our society has incurred a great amount of loss. Fear of being labelled a blasphemer, restrictions upon the freedom of thought, shackles of the corporate world; have all worked towards the demise of poetry. Let’s revisit the fluidity of words, the intoxicating intellectualism, the passionate artistry. Because, when art suffers, we suffer.