ISLAMABAD -  Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) yesterday showed serious concerns over the leakages of confidential security meetings between the civil and military leadership and demanded an action against the ‘violators’ under Official Secret Act

Dr Shireen Mazari, MNA and Chairman PTI’s Spokesperson has expressed serious concern over the leakages of confidential security meetings between the civil and military leadership. The reporters could not be held responsible for publishing stories relating to sensitive leaks when the source is either the civil or military leadership or others sitting in these meetings, she said.

Mazari accepted that leaks are part of the media environment today but those who have signed the Official Secret Act - and attendees of such sensitive meetings would have done so - must be prosecuted for violating this law. She demanded an immediate high-level probe into the leaks relating to the meeting between the CM Punjab and the military leadership on anti-terror measures.

All over the world leaks of government meetings are a part of the news reporting but sensitive meetings relating to issues like terrorism, which are not just closed door meetings but also limited in terms of attendees, are never “leaked” deliberately for political point scoring as has happened in the case of the meeting of CM Punjab with the military.

In most democratic countries sensitive papers are also only released after a certain time period even under their Right to Information laws. “In the case of Pakistan, the leaks in question came at a time when India has been upping its aggression against Pakistan on all fronts: military, political, diplomatic and media,” Mazari said. The leak allowed Indian media to not only target the Pakistan military but also play on civil-military differences painting the latter in a demonic light at a time of Indian aggression. Mazari demanded an immediate inquiry and punitive action against those who violated the Official Secrets Act.