LAHORE - The Pakistan Railways has issued winter timetable for trains which will be implemented from October 15.

According to the new timetable, the Railways management revised departure timing of 11 trains, enhanced stoppage duration of four trains and authorised permanent stoppage to some trains at different stations which were earlier announced on temporary basis.

The trains whose timings have been changed are: Akbar Express, Jaffer Express, Badar Express, Ghauri Express, Sargodha Express, Chenab Express, Sandal Express, Waris Shah Fast, Rawalpindi passenger and two other passenger trains.

The Railways enhanced stoppage duration of Tezgam at Multan station, Khushhal Khan Khtaak at Kundyan station, Farid Express at Samasata station and Hazara Express at Sargodha railways station. It also gave permanent stoppage to Akbar Express at Jahanian and Mosapak at Mianchannu railway station.

The Railways management also gave permanent stoppage to Business Express at Sahiwal railway station. Shahnal and Kachakho stations were closed due to work on signalling project over there.