Rawalpindi - The district government has imposed a ban on pillion riding for two days in the district while the cellphone service will also remain suspended in different parts of the city on 9th and 10th Muharram.

The section 144 has also been imposed in the city for two days, as the law-enforcement agencies have finalised security plan to guard the processions and gatherings in Muharram.

Moreover, police, Pakistan Army and Rangers conducted a flag march yesterday in the city yesterday to create a sense of security among the citizens and to give a message to troublemakers that LEAs are ready to cope with any untoward incident on Youm-e-Ashur (Wednesday).

City Traffic Police also announced comprehensive traffic plan to facilitate the citizens and mourners. The government also decided to suspend Metro Bus Service on 10th Muharram. Police have also started sealing all the roads and streets leading to Raja Bazaar to secure the main procession of 10th Muharram that will start from Col Maqbool Imambargah and culminate at Qadimi Imambargah, Banni.

According to details, the city district government and police have finalised all security arrangements to provide foolproof security to the main processions of 9th and 10th Muharram.

The city traffic police have also issued traffic plan, banning all types of transport to Raja Bazaar where main mourning processions would take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the city district government has also sought support from Pakistan Army and Rangers to maintain peace in the city. Display of weapons has also been banned on the occasion.

As many as 79 mourning processions and 206 gatherings will take place in the city on 9th of Muharram.

City Police Officer (CPO) Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi said over 5,000 police personnel along with the Rangers and the Army troops would perform security duty on the day.

Furthermore, 65 mourning processions and 113 gatherings will take place on Ashura Day and 6,300 police personnel will guard them, he said.

Following the instructions of the CPO, police along with personnel of Rangers and the Army carried out a flag march. The police personnel and paramilitary men marched on major roads of the city to display their resolve to maintain law and order.

In efforts to maintain calm, the city district government has asked administration of Madrassah Taleem-ul-Quran in Raja Bazaar to keep the seminary close on Ashura Day. It may be recalled here that the seminary was reopened a few days ago after it was put on fire in 2013 on Ashura Day following clashes during mourning processions.

According to CTP spokesman Wajid Satti, no traffic would be allowed to reach at Fawara Chowk in Raja Bazaar on Ashura Day. The traffic from Iqbal Road, Liaqat Road, College Road, Gawalmandi Road, City Sadar Road, Rata Ammral, Ganjmandi Road, and from Jamia Masjid Road will be allowed to enter Raja Bazaar where main mourning procession will be carried out on Ashura Day.

Though the government has announced two public holidays, the residents of Rawalpindi will face a lot of problems due to intense security measures, road blockades, traffic diversions, and closure of public transport.

Police have started sealing the areas around Raja Bazaar for security point of view. Furthermore, different road blockades and diversion would also create problems for the citizens during the next two days.