RAHIM YAR KHAN- The cases of stray dogs attack have increased alarmingly, making the citizens question performance of the TMA officials.

Citizens informed that herds of stray dogs roam freely across the city, especially at important points like Jinnah Hall, livestock Office, Sheikh Zayed Medical College Hospital, Markazi Eidgah and veterinary hospital.

The citizens said that it has become a common site in the city where herd of stray dogs attack a single man like prey. Most of people suffering from diabetic or cardiac diseases fall victims to stray dogs. The leaders of Anjuman Tajran informed that a traders delegation had met TMO Ahmed Khan Wattoo and apprised him of the alarming rise in stray dogs attack.

The TMO, however, informed the traders that there are no funds with the authority to eliminate the stray dogs.

However, the TMO assured the delegation that stray dogs will be killed by shooting but to no avail. Social circles of the city demanded the district administration to initiate head-on measures to eliminate stray dog from the city.