Balochistan is perhaps the most overlooked province of Pakistan. In spite of it being full of natural resources, its people are being neglected by the government. Apart from this, the people of Balochistan are suffering from plenty of slanderous problems such as, poverty, joblessness, corruption, injustice, and not getting their fundamental rights.

The first one is poverty. 52 percent of Baloch people are living below the poverty line. Furthermore, 180,000 children of school going age are out of schools and their dreams are being crushed due to poverty. They simply cannot afford education.

While the government keeps touting CPEC as a game changer, able to exterminate poverty; no tangible efforts are to be seen. The number of out-of-school children keeps on increasing. There is corruption in almost every field.

A lot of talented students, with masters degrees, are unemployed. And the government is silent on all of these matters. They should work towards eradicating these ills, and should invest in the youth.


Balochistan, September 20.