Islamabad - The high-ups at the Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) Unit of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) have asked the administration to immediately return the vehicles dedicated for the unit, which were being continuously used by other officers and wings.

The EDM is facing a severe shortage of vehicles in the wake of rising incidents of fire in the high-rise buildings in the city, but the administration is paying no heed to the shortage of vehicles despite repeated requests. EDM Unit high-ups in a letter written to the Director (Admin) CDA has lamented the situation and demanded that four fire and rescue vehicles and a twin-cab be immediately returned to the unit.

It is to mention here that the CDA Board while establishing the life safety standards in 2010 had dedicated five category-III vehicles for this sole unit. But the vehicles were taken by the administration in 2011 and never returned despite repeated requests in this regard rather the vehicles were allocated to other officers and wings.

The EDM Unit staffs have only one ambulance to enforce the life safety standards - 2010, said the letter further.

It said the absence of the dedicated fleet despite orders of the CDA Board and their invalid utilization is adversely affecting the function of EDM unit.

The EDM has served public notices for extra-ordinary preventive and protective arrangements in all types of occupancies in the wake of rising fire incidents in the high-rise buildings but it is handicapped in the city-wide surveillance, inspections, surprise visits, monitoring and evaluation of all types of occupancies in the absence of sufficient vehicles.

The EDM has requested the Director Admin to return the vehicles dedicated for EDM enabling them to respond timely, further saying that any delay in returning the vehicles shall affect the overall efficiency and effectiveness of enforcing building codes of Pakistan Fire Safety Provision-2016.