LAHORE: A UN summit has nodded to appoint a retired Pakistani Vice-Chancellor (VC) as the focal person for Rohingya University being established for the United Nations' Peace Studies .

The major campus of the varsity would be set up in Dubai while Rohingya Holocaust Int'l Digital Repository in Singapore.

It was agreed upon at an inter-regional 'UN Peace & Non-Violence Summit' organised by postdoctoral academicians that passed different resolutions also Instituting Rohingya University for the United Nations' Peace Studies .

Just before the UN Human Rights Council concluded in Geneva, the above-mentioned resolutions were passed.

It is not yet clear as who would fund the new university, the UN or any of the Islamic organization or the Islamic countries collectively.

University of Sargodha (UoS) former VC Dr Akram was the Pakistani who would be posted as a focal person of the new university.

Reportedly, the name of Prof Dr Akram Chaudhary was also agreed upon for the International Provost while names of Dr. Syed Hussain Shah Jillani, Justice (R) Dr S S Paru and Dr Abu Said Ahmad Fraz were nominated as the chief patrons of the university.

The participants of the summit might have considered Pakistani scholars after studying their profiles and achievements. As the VC Dr Akram Ch served in a remote area university, the summit considered him as the suitable person for the establishment of a new institution under the cover of the UN. He granted full-fledged education opportunities to the needy but intelligent students, orphans, and huffaz enrolled in the campuses run by the university. It is also learnt that Prof Dr Akram generated revenue from different projects and never raised fee during his two tenures as the VC.

When contacted former VC Dr Akram Ch while talking to The Nation said that he was never a candidate for the slot he was being offered in the newly established varsity. He attributed his nomination to his homeland Pakistan.

The United Nations' Peace & Non-Violence was marked by Asia & Oceania-Epic convergent summit 2017.  The resolutions to establish the Rohingya University and the Holocaust Repository were adopted unanimously.

Asia & Oceania Post-doctoral Academia (AOPDA) also appealed to the world communities to sign amnesty int'l's (AI) petition to save the helpless Rohingyas. Moreover, SAIRI Postdoctoral Multiversity for the United Nations SDGs Studies and SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia also appealed to the world's humane-hearted people and the learned community to sign an AI’s petition.

The UN was of the view that Myanmar was presenting an example of ethnic cleansing in the country for the minority Muslims. The establishment of the Rohingya University and the Repository have been agreed upon in the summit that is a UN pledge-based academic step to dig out reasons behind severe conflict erupted weeks ago in Burma. The purpose is to control those extremists that were creating problems resulting in a genocidal crackdown of the most persecuted Rohingyas, claimed that AOPDA's statement in the summit.

The proposed university structure was also outlined as for as the major campus in Dubai is concerned. Only issues concerning 'peace & conflict', under the UN perspectives will be the major disciplines in the university. The Rohingyas will grab over 65% of the seats while rest 35% would go to all others that would come from diverse backgrounds.