IEC, GE announce strategic partnership

 LAHORE (STAFF REPORTER): The Imperial Electric Company (IEC), a premiere engineering company, and GE Lighting, on Tuesday announced a strategic partnership aimed at creating a channel platform to identify and deliver the most cost effective and efficient GE Lighting capabilities across a wide range of sectors, including, home, retail, office and hospitality. The strategic partnership with IEC underscores GE Lighting’s strategy to expand its footprint of comprehensive solutions in Pakistan by working with local partners with proven market competencies to create an effective distribution network to reach the end consumer. The lighting industry has changed dramatically in the last few years, moving away from supplying product as a simple disposable commodity, to providing high-value, energy-saving solutions. Long-life LED technology makes GE solutions long-term investments; while lasting significantly longer than conventional lighting solutions, LED lighting solutions offer significant energy and maintenance savings that balance out the higher upfront cost.

  Motorcycle production rises by 34.81pc in 2 months

ISLAMABAD (APP): The motorcycles production in the country witnessed a sharp increase of 34.81 percent during first two months (July-August) of the year 2017-18 as compared to same period of last year. The motorbikes production jumped to 324,824 units in July-August (2017-18) from the production of 240,937 units in same period of last year, according to latest data released by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturing Association (PAMA). The breakup figures show that production of Honda motor bikes increased by 36.9 during the corresponding period as it went up from 136,890 units in July-August (2016-17) to 187,410 units in same period of current year. Similarly, the production of Yamaha two-wheelers also witnessed an increase of 130 percent as it increased from 1,334 units in first two months of fiscal year 2016-17 to 3,068 units this year. Suzuki manufactured 3,488 two-wheelers during the period under review while during same period of last year, 3,137 units were produced.

The production of United Auto motorcycles also increased from 49,464 units to 66,574 units this year, thus showing an increase of 34.6 percent during the corresponding year. Road Prince motorcycles also increased its production during the period under review as its production went up from 34,325 units in first two months of fiscal year 2016-17 to 43,395 units in same period of current fiscal year thus showing an increase of 24.4 percent.

In addition, production of Ravi motorcycles increased by 64 percent as 5,122 units were manufactured during the period under review while during same period of last year 3,106 motorcycles were manufactured. The manufacturing of Hero bikes jumped from only 318 units in July-August (2016-17) to 1,923 units in same period of current year, thus showing a surge of 504 percent.

Among three-wheelers, Sohrab manufactured 940 units during July-August (2017-18) as compared to the production of 1,002 units in same period of last year. Likewise, Qinqqi three-wheelers also witnessed a decrease of 31 percent as it declined to 3,418 units in first two months of 2017-18 from 4,995 units in same period of previous year. Sazgar three-wheelers, however, witnessed a slight increase of 3.25 percent as its production went up from 3,717 units in July-August (2016-17) to 3,838 units this year.

 Chinese mobile group to upgrade airports’ facilities in Pakistan

 ISLAMABAD (INP): The Huawei, a Chinese mobile group, has prepared a comprehensive plan to provide best possible comfort to incoming and outgoing passengers at Pakistani airports. The plan being termed as an ‘Airport Solution’ is very innovative idea to avoid long queues at airport. Through this system, security cameras will detect the face of the visitors and would collect all his data including passport and visa information. The door would be open automatically when visitors would reach close to the door. The Huawei group has offered the solution keeping in view the growing number of Chinese and foreigners from other countries because of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The solution will avoid long queues and ensure batter security check of the visitors. In an interview, Alaa Elshimy, MD enterprise Business Group, Huawei said that economy of Pakistan is growing because of CPEC and number of foreigners visiting Pakistan is increasing.

To resolve such a situation Huawei is offering airport solution to many other countries as well. He said Huawei was already working in Pakistan on different projects and smart city is one of them. It has completed smart city project in Islamabad and Lahore.