When the story of HUM TV’s drama serial O Rang Reza began, the character of Sassi (Sajal Ali) was found idealising her father Khayyam (Noman Ejaz). A young, fair boy of her age was not the right man according to her, but the traits of her father, both physical and mental, were the perfect characteristics to be desired. However, that ideal broke and things fell apart.

But still, Sassi is not ready to tie herself in a nuptial knot with Qasim (Bilal Abbas Khan). No matter that her heart melts when he refuses to take her into marriage, but prior to that, she visits Wajeeh (Omair Rana) and despite being insulted by the director and one who has been Sonia Jahan’s (Sana Fakhar) ex-partner, she clings to him.

Wajeeh is a grey-haired, middle-aged man who has been Sonia’s lover, who is now Sassi’s father’s beloved. That Sassi is once again walking towards a man older than her suggests that there is a certain mentality which she possesses; idealising a father figure first, and then running to another middle-aged man after being disappointed hints at Sassi’s gerontophilic tendencies. She has been openly affronting two men of her own age, one being Qasim and the other one being Khayyam’s friend’s son who comes with a marriage proposal, but Sassi seems to have a liking for older men, especially the ones who have a well-built physique accompanied by a dominating, dauntless personality. Two of her age fellows are easily manipulated and scolded by her, but there is something that stops Sassi from exhibiting the same attitude towards Wajeeh. One obvious reason is that she is bent upon becoming a model, but another dark reason lies in the sexiness that pervades Wajeeh’s personality.

Omair Rana has turned out to be the most apt choice for this role, for he is an actor who performs wicked characters in such a manner that one is inclined to surrender to him. There seems to be hidden a sensuality in his villainy. His silver hair, glossy eyes and orangish lips while playing a Machiavellian sort of character gives him that sexual appeal one finds in vampires, whose bloodsucking is feared, but once it starts, one wishes it to continue forever. That is what Omair Rana does. While insulting the character before, he does not allow one to turn away from the looks his eyes procure. In the eleventh episode, when Sassi leaves her home and comes to Wajeeh, a perfect example of Omair’s flawless acting is formed. In a matter of a few seconds, he exhibits countless spontaneous expressions. He flirts with his eyes, curves his lips into an inviting smile then suddenly grows furious with rage. Then he moves his finger across his thick, black moustaches and continues to make Sassi weep. However, the scene in which Sassi arrives for her acting trial seems to open a number of interpretations through Wajeeh’s one look; the way he looks at her hints at what not. Does he find her attractive? Has he grown sympathetic towards her? Or will he destroy her completely? It has kept everyone curious as to what the character of Wajeeh is up to.

Where the writer Saji Gul is to be commended for creating a manipulative, villainous character, the director Kashif Nisar is also to be praised for choosing such a fine actor for the role. Omair Rana seems to have read what Machiavellian characters are and what traits they possess, for his portrayal of the character of Wajeeh is par excellence. Omair’s inclusion in another classical piece of Pakistani dramatic art is another evidence of his educated mind not ready to accept whatever is at hand. He seems to scrutinise every aspect of the given work. He happens to be one of those very few actors who have turned out to be choosy about what they will be presenting before their audience.