OKARA-The patron-in-chief of Okara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OCCI) flayed the coalition of the US, Israel and Indian against the world peace, saying that the US thinks it is the sole master of all under and above earth resources of the world, be they in any country or soil.

This is the main cause of the US involvement in mischief and conspiracy to spread disorder and chaos in any nation on the globe, Chaudhry Arshad Iqbal added. He said the US must not forget its failures across the world as in Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq, and now Afghanistan. North Korea and Iran have been constantly jeering at the the US, he said. He called the US to see through the human violations and bloodshed of the freedom demanding population of the disputed territory of Jammu & Kashmir by Indian forces, and the naked bestialities of Jews in Palestine!.

He said the reality stands its ground that Israel-America-India denote Intrigue-Conspiracy-wishfulness (ICW) against the world peace. He determinedly fixed that the ICW of the troika would not succeed to obstruct the completion of CPEC through any intrigue, conspiracy and wishfulness.

He said the whole of the world is naturally privileged to take benefits and enjoy the advantages of the global link, the CPEC.