District Coordinating Officer, Mianwali, Mr Shozab Saeed and DPO, Mianwali, Mr Sadiq Ali Dogar, deserve accolades and praise for ensuring foolproof security measures in the district on the eve of Ashura. Ever since the wave of terrorism swept across the country, the anti-peace forces and militant outfits have always been on the look out to target innocent civilians, thereby, creating a law and order situation. It was heartening to note that all the law enforcement agencies put their due share to maintain peace in the city. To ensure the safety and security of the mourners CCTV cameras were installed on the vantage points and snipers were deployed on the rooftops. Furthermore, drone cameras were also used for the aerial reconnaissance of the processions. The ambulance service and the staff of Rescue 1122 remained alert throughout the day to tackle to any emergency situation. 

Moreover, the atmosphere of inter-faith harmony marked the entire district and again the credit goes to the district authorities because a code of conduct was formulated in consultation with all the stakeholders well before the beginning of Ashura. Indubitably, Ashura stands for peace, tolerance and brotherhood and our collective efforts help establishing the writ of the government. Usually, pillion riding has been banned on 9th and 10th Moharram. In the same way, police officials place barriers en route the rally to obstruct the entry of suspects in it. All these measures create a little inconvenience for the citizens but it is done in the larger interest of the people themselves. So, along with the law enforcers, it is mandatory for the general public help establishing the writ of the government by cooperating with the security agencies. 


Mianwali, October 3.