LAHORE - The unabated tirade of PML-N leaders against the judiciary after disqualification verdict against former PM Nawaz Sharif is not leaving a good taste at public level. Moreover, negative remarks against the courts are also perplexing in the context whether they intend to decrease or intensify the problems of the PML-N government through its own leaders.

It is not once but day in, day out the leaders of PML-N are publicly speaking against the judiciary in the context of the decision against Nawaz Sharif. They all are showing their strong resentment against the disqualification decision and are mincing no word to reject the Supreme Court verdict after they were greatly annoyed by the JIT inquiry. Now when the accountability court has taken up references against Nawaz Sharif, his children, son in law and Ishaq Dar, the PML-N leaders have started targeting the trial court as if the trial is continuation of the victimisation and the conspiracy which they have been speaking about against the Sharifs since the disqualification decision on July 28.

In the city during the election campaign, in London and now after returning home to face the accountability references, Maryam Nawaz too has refreshed the same feelings against the judiciary and the trial court references. Maryam has demonstrated well in politics and at the party level over the last three years. She has also proven her strong nerves and abilities while simultaneously facing the judicial matters and campaigning for her mother in Lahore that earned Begum Kalsoom Nawaz a victory which is more vital for the Sharifs than for herself. After July 28, Maryam Nawaz came out before the public with a new spirit wherein her target has throughout been judiciary and other institutions.

Maryam’s voice is being heard at every level of PML-N, so she is no more an ordinary worker, but an important leader who is showing her presence in the party and the government. As such her words hold value and impact on the PML-N leaders and workers. Her tirade against the judiciary means more than words by anybody. Therefore, a valuable question arises about the effects of their criticism on the credibility of the necessary organ of the state i.e. judiciary which does not deal with a family or some persons, but the whole people who go to it as the last resort to get their grievances redressed.

In the judiciary, there is a chain from the Supreme Court to the civil court at the bottom and a matter decided by the lowest forum of the judiciary is examined up to the apex court level. As such respect and credibility of the Supreme Court, in fact, is respect and credibility of the whole judicial system while the apex court performs its responsibilities with this view in mind. The Constitution makers also had very wisely picked up the word ‘independence’ for the judiciary which intended to lend finality to its decisions at the top level. This constitutional status has not only to keep the system going on smoothly but also provide an impartial and even-minded arbiter to the country to ensure equitable application of law.

Moreover, another aspect highlighted from the criticism on the judiciary is the PML-N government which likes to deliver speeches on an issue instead of rectifying the situation.

When questions on the said subject were raised before a senior PML-N parliamentarian, Rana Muhammad Afzal, he admitted that negative remarks against judiciary don’t cast good impact on the credibility of the judiciary and litigants. However, he said, it was not the PML-N but the remarks of ‘godfather’ and ‘mafia’ by the judges provoked the younger leaders in the PML-N. He said with the passage of time things will get normal and trend of heated remarks against the judiciary will also subside.

Rana Afzal cited the death punishment to Bhutto and said politicians have been exercising much restraint. When asked, it is responsibility of the political leaders to protect and save the institutions and maintain their credibility in the eyes of layman, he said the country is not harmed by what the politicians say. He said the government is performing even better as compared to the past government, so there is no question of harm to the system from what the politicians say. Today the government is holding more meetings of the NSC and the ECC than the past. He said Nawaz Sharif delivered the best in his four-year tenure. He remarked: “We are ‘political animals’ and have to keep our vote bank intact and to go to the people for vote. Can we go to the public carrying the stigma of ‘thief’ on our face?” he questioned.