HAFIZABAD - A local councillor has allegedly misappropriated Rs9.1 million of a custodian of a local shrine who has called upon the DPO to take legal action against the former and recovered the money from him.

Khawaja Aamir Shehzad Noshahi, custodian of darbar Peer Sikandar Zulqarnain, paid Rs16,147,960 to councillor Chand Azhar of Mohallah Bahawalpura for the purchase of a piece of land for the expansion of the darbar. But the accused purchased land worth Rs7030,000, and refused to return the remaining amount of money amounting to Rs9100,000.

The complainant said that he had been defrauded by the accused. He requested the DPO to take legal action against the accused, and ensure the return of the amount to him. The City police launched investigation.

Farmers protest against

canal water pilferage

The cultivators of the villages located along Kot Nakka Branch Canal, Gajar Gola, and Vanike distributaries protested against the canal water pilferage by influential landlords with the connivance of the officials of Irrigation Department.

They said that their lands were situated at the tail-end areas of the canal and distributaries, and they had been deprived of canal water due to its pilferage by influential landlords.

They said that they had complained against this illegal practice to the superintending engineer of Lower Chenab Canal (east) circle Faisalabad but to no avail. They called upon the Chief Minister and higher authorities of Irrigation Department to stop canal water theft to ensure the flow of canal water in tail-ends.

Worker dies after

entangling in chaff cutter

A teenage worker of Nishat Dairy Farm, Sukheke was killed on the spot when he was entangled with the belt of a fodder cutting electric machine here the other day.

The deceased identified as Qamar Zaman, son of Maqsood, as resident of Bahu Mann was cutting fodder when all of a sudden he was entangled with the belt and was cut into pieces. The dependants and other villagers protested against the negligence of the farm owner. They demanded legal action against him and financial assistance to his family.