KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh General Secretary Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that Karachi is ready to become again the city of lights in the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He was addressing a press conference at the Insaf House here on Wednesday in which more than 30 of MQM-Pakistan cadres announced joining the PTI. Those joined the PTI included MQM central joint Incharge Hussain Ali Khan, central committee member Muhammad Azam Rana, Syed Mussadiq Shah, Gulber Khan, Ismail Lal, Suleman Latif, Manzar Tabbasum, Muhammad Ayaz Baber, Anwar Beg, John Frances and Zahid Sharif.

Speaking to the media men, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that we welcomed the political workers who are joining our caravan after getting impressed with our party manifesto. He said the lights of Karachi are being revived now. He said that in past someone had cast an evil glance to our city but now we are coming out of that evil spell. He said in past the peace had become evasive in Karachi, but now in the dynamic leadership of Chairman Imran Khan, the megacity is on its way to again become the city of lights.

Haleem Adil said today nobody is willing to even recall the name of the person who had pushed Karachi into the fire of hatred. He said the blood of innocent people was spilled in Karachi for vested political interests. The party that had raised slogans of ethnic hatred has already died. He recalled that an ‘anti-peace committee’ was also formed under the patronage of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) which had also destroyed the peace of Karachi.

PTI Sindh General Secretary further said that by October 20 we would announce our party organization. He said we have no conflict to anyone and all workers are our precious assets. He said the root-cause of present problems being faced by the nation and country is the wrong policies of previous rulers. He said only one month of our new government has passed. He said temporary problems would be there, but the good days are ahead. He said we had wanted not to seek loans from IMF; however, the country was buried under the load of heavy loans and its economy was not in good shape.

He said during a recent visit of Sindh Governor only security vehicles were with him and there was no protocol. He said the vehicles of local administration and local leaders of PTI were also included in the convoy of the Governor. He said if the opponents want to count the number of vehicles they should also see their number-plates. He said we have already started the Clean and Green campaign. He said Saeed Ghani, local government minister, is a good political workers but instead of doing his work he is checking attendance of employees.

He said the PTI is a national party and our doors are open for the all. He said the manifesto of PTI treats every person as equal citizen. He said nobody joins the parties where organization is not present. He said I want to tell the mayor Karachi that our enemies should commit suicide. He said it has been proved now that Zardari and Nawaz are two faces of one coin. He said they have now come out from their burrows after 15 years. He said all thieves have joined hands against Imran Khan. These are the people who had introduced corruption in institutions and looted the national wealth.

He said Karachi is now returning to peace. This city had witnessed genocides of May 12 and Baldia Factory Fire. He said the PTI would not spread hatreds to earn political mileage. He said the PTI would get even more votes in the bye-election. He said the PTI has come with the message of happiness for the nation.