Minister of local bodies Abdul Aleem Khan has announced that government of Punjab is going to introduce new local bodies system. Local body system of Punjab consists of 182 municipal committees, 10 metropolitans and 35 district councils.

Mr Khan has instructed the concern authorities to make recommendations for new law. New law will be a better form of the Local Bodies’ Act of 2001  and 2013. There is also proposal for the authorities to make a system which consists of union council, tehsil council and district council governments. There will be three councilors for one union council and a “Nazim” for two union councils and then directly elected “District Nazim” which will have huge powers at his disposal. Government also has proposal to introduce tehsil bodies and replace union councils with village councils. There is also a proposal for direct election of mayors of tehsil.

Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar and Aleem Khan have discussed the matter with Prime minister Imran Khan. It is the basic agenda of PTI to transfer power at grassroots level and to empower the local authorities. Coming up to people‘s expectation government is making policies which can be helpful for visible change in society. Minister for local bodies has assured the authorities concerned that there should be no compromise on quality work.

In a meeting with Provincial Secretary Local Bodies Mr Arif Anwar Baloch the Senior Minister Aleem Khan made it clear that there will be no compromise on the performance of government servants. It is time to deliver their services for the nation and they will face no political influence regarding their job. They just have to do their duty on merit and there will be no compromise on merit.                                                                                                                                                

The basic challenge of government is to introduce the basic change in prevailing system that is empowerment of local authorities in true spirit. Solid waste management is another big challenge of local bodies’ government. There is also a proposal to make authority to collect the wastage of Eidul Azha.

Government has to take some effective steps while replacing the existing system in the biggest province of Pakistan. Government has to meet the expectations of people as they got the power on slogan of ‘Change’. With all of this PTI has put some positive results before the nation as per 90 days plan announced during election campaign. There must be some training programms for local body’s authorities.

Trained people can better perform. For the speedy change training of local leaders could act as catalyst. There must be trained and educated mayors and “Nazims” as you’re going to empower them. They must know how to make and implement policy and how to govern the local institutions for the welfare of citizens. Than you can claim that you have introduced the real change in the country and your local bodies system is delivering at grassroots level.