NEW YORK - Pakistan's Ministry of Interior has not provided a reason for ordering multiple foreign-funded non-governmental organisations to shut down their operations and leave the country, ActionAid spokesperson Sophia Har told Sputnik on Wednesday.

Last week, media reported that at least 18 foreign-funded rights and aid organisations were given notices ordering them to close down and leave Pakistan.

"The letter gives no reason for the decision," Har said, adding that ActionAid has been given 60 days on October 3 to leave Pakistan.

In a statement issued last week, ActionAid said the organisation is devastated that the life-changing support it has provided is now under threat and is obtaining legal advice on what to do next.

ActionAid is an international aid group with offices around the world. The group’s work in Pakistan focused on alleviating poverty, education and human rights, and its office has been at the same location for more than 25 years.

The Pakistani authorities have been issuing expulsion notices to foreign-funded organisations for months without always listing a reason, but some organisations have been told they have pursued an "anti-state agenda."

ActionAid was originally given an expulsion notice in December, but the group appealed the decision. ActionAid said the letter it received this month is the government’s final notice.