ISLAMABAD - Work on the Prime Minister’s 100-day agenda is moving on snail’s pace as the provinces under PTI have failed to draw the broader contour of the plan even after 54 days down the line.

“In Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, it looks as if we are working on 100 years agenda instead of 100 days,” official source told The Nation on Wednesday.

Not only in the provinces, progress on 100 days agenda is very slow at the federal level as well, as the cabinet division issued notification on the decision of the federal cabinet regarding 100 days plan after 13 days, the source said.

On September 27, the federal cabinet had decided that “No members of the cabinet shall avail any leave during the first 100 days”. All members of the cabinet shall attend cabinet meetings during this period, unless there was compelling reasons”. Foreign visits shall be avoided during the first 100 days of the government unless absolutely essential”. However, the notification in this regard was issued by the cabinet division on October 10.

The PM’s 100 days agenda is based on 6 themes; transforming governance, strengthening the federation, inclusive economic growth, agriculture and water, revolutionising social services and ensuring Pakistan’s national security. The 6 themes were further split into 35 initiatives.

Regarding KP, the source said that it looked as if the PTI was not in government in KP and PML-N was ruling the province and they were not ready to follow the 100 days plan of the central government of PTI, a senior government official commented.

“Three times a meeting was convened to draft the 100 days agenda, with Chief Minister KP in chair, and every time it was postponed,” the source said.

The important ministries and departments are still waiting for their specified role in the plan. With the current pace, it looks that the province will have its 100 days plan on the last day of the first 100 days of the PTI government, the source maintained.

How you could achieve the agenda goal when even the routine releases to the ministries are not taking place and the work is on stand still in the province, the source said. The provincial government is likely to present the fiscal 2018-19 provincial budget today (Thursday).

The situation is not much different in Punjab province where the pace of 100 days plan is also very slow.