KAMALIA-Assistant Commissioner Shahid Nadeem Rana, along with his team, continued the operation to retrieve the illegally occupied state land from a private sugar mills here the other day.

The AC told the media that the sugar mills had been using 342-kanal of state lands since long by tampering with land records. He added that the government would get compensation for this illegal use, and the land would be given under the control of the relevant department.

He stated that other state lands under the occupation of land grabbers were also being recovered, and no leniency was being showed to the accused. He added that operation against illegal occupation and encroachments was underway across the city, and it would continue unabated.


The current government has increased inflation many folds, stated Jutt Poultry Traders CEO Ch Tahir Jutt. Talking to The Nation, he said that people had adversely been affected by hike in prices of gas and electricity.

The government has failed to provide relief to the public,” he flayed. Ch Tahir stated that the people were expecting a lot from to the new government, but it had taken steps in contradiction to their hopes. “Due to heavy taxes, basic items of daily necessity will go beyond the reach of the common man,” he added.

“The government has not yet taken any practical action to bring back the looted wealth,” he said. “If the government had focused on bringing back the wealth instead of increasing taxes and raising the prices of daily commodities, the national treasury would have filled with money,” he stated.