PTI leaders including the legislators through their irresponsible and ill-advised acts and doings are bringing the party into disrepute which is a matter of concern for many around particularly those who had voted for it for positive change, progress and prosperity in July 25 orderly, fairly and transparent general elections.

No less a person that worthy Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr Justice Mian Saquib Nisar while hearing illegal occupation of plots case in Lahore on Sunday has rebuked PTI MNA Malik Karamat Khokhar and MPA Nadeem Abbas Bara for influencing police for release of qabza group member and asked for how long PTI has started like thugs.

This is just one instance in which PTI MNAs and MPAs as well as leaders have behaved in an uncalled for manner and crossed their limits unreasonably thus putting the party leadership to shame and causing embarrassment as well.

PTI top leadership should take immediate cognizance of such ugly and unfortunate incidents and take those party leaders as well legislators involved to task by calling their explanations, suspending them and asking PTI Disciplinary Committee, if it is already there, to take them to task ruthlessly forthwith and awarding them exemplary punishment so that others learn some lessons and come to their senses before committing such mistakes.

People have voted PTI MNAs and MPAs to represent them in the legislators and undertake works for their overall well-being and welfare and not for behaving like thugs and goons . The peoples elected representatives as such should behave like their servants and not in this manner bringing bad name to the party and its leadership leaving no room for it to defend them at any level.


Lahore, October 1.