Plastic bags had been a huge indication of apocalypses since 1950s and it is very much notorious of being the fountainhead of enchancing the mortality rate of people in Pakistan. Plastic bags are being manufactured with various hazardous chemicals which are very dangerous for every individual surviving in Pakistan , because in every corner of Pakistan plastic bags are used to carry out the eatable goods without being aware the causes and health risk and sometimes it is very much spoiler for the lands because the plastics would make a timber land into a barren land .

According to experts scientist that plastic takes more than 500 years to break down in landfill . Moreover , the scientists have claimed that the plastic bags have been the source of numerous deadliest diseases such as cancer endometriosis, neurological damage , endocrine disruption , birth defects and development disorders , immune damage , asthama and cause multiple organ damages . furthermore, the ministers of climate change senator has evaluated that more than 55 billion plastic shopping bags are being used in Pakistan where the ultilsation had been approximately 8.021 production units re available whose production average is nearly 250-500 kg per day and the result more investigated that more than 160,000 were directly and 600,000 were indirectly dependent on the industry . I request to the government to conduct survey to create awareness among the residents about the health risk of applying plastic bags.