Pakistan has observed defence day as a solidarity day with Kashmiris. All nations observe days that are of some significance historically for the concerned nation. Pakistan is going through a very tough period of its history. The biggest challenge is to attain economic self-sufficiency. Only an economically sound country can play a positive and healthy role in interest driven international political order. Many countries emerged out of colonial yoke in a post second world war order set by American establishment and made inimitable progress by investing in human resources like South Korea, Singapore etc.

The Asian model of progress is based on knowledge driven economy and good governance. The secret of western dominance in present day world is its advancement in science and technology coupled with rule of law plus Control on currency and near perfect tax system. Pakistan need to observe Tax Day in order to highlight the importance of paying tax and to create tax culture. Pakistan should observe Education day to transform social imperatives in favour of tax culture so that the country can have essential economic resources available for human resource development and defence of our motherland.

Economic dependency weakens any pursuit that any nations wants to embark upon let alone freeing Kashmir from the clutches of occupation. Present government and Pakistani state have shown some resolve towards tax collection by not bowing down to the demands of dodgy tax evading business class. The task must be taken to its logical end.