ISLAMABAD    -   Additional Secretary General Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Dr Abol Hasan has reigned over the controversy surrounding the review of party constitution to re-introduce the regional structure of the party by abolishing the present provincial bodies.

An office bearer of the PTI’s Central Secretariat confirmed that Dr. Hasan, one of the authors of party constitution and a senior PTI leader, has resigned from his party position. Dr Hasan had shown his reservations to bring amendments in the party constitution to reintroduce the old regional structure of the party, he added

The official said that Hasan had submitted his resignation to the office of Chief Organizer PTI Saifullah Khan Nayazee. “In view of the controversy created in the party leadership in the wake of Constitution Review Committee meeting, I feel it appropriate to tender my resignation from the post of Additional Secretary General to pave the way for somebody more suitable for the changing environment,” he said in his resignation.

Last month, the ruling party had said that it was mulling, for second time in a year, bringing major structural changes within its organization and consultations were under way to re-introduce the old regional system in a move to ‘run the party affairs smoothly.’ For this purpose, the party constitution has to be reviewed.

The office bearer said that Dr Hasan who was also coordinator of the Constitution Review Committee wanted that present provincial party structure should exist.

The majority of PTI leadership in the review committee wants that the present provincial bodies’ structure that was established only couple of months ago by bringing amendments in the constitution should be abolished, a PTI leader said. He said that the ruling party was going to dissolve all its provincial bodies to re-introduce the regional system and the committee was finalizing its recommendations to amend the constitution in this regard.

On May 1, 2019, PTI’s Central Executive Committee under the chair of Prime Minister Imran Khan had approved amendments in the party constitution to introduce a central organizational system in the provinces and to abolish the regions in Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

After the approval, all bodies of the party at federal and provincial levels were dissolved except the central body and new appointments in the lights of the amendments were announced.