HAFIZABAD - A schoolteacher Shabbir Hussain of Government High School Jalalpur Bhattian was deprived of his motorcycle from near the Ghallah Mandi Jalalpur Bhattian.  A day earlier, seven robberies and dacoities were committed in which the bandits had snatched away a vehicle, cash and cell phones worth million of rupees from twelve persons in the district and the police have so far failed to arrest any of the accused. Local citizens have called upon the DPO to intensify patrolling on different roads and streets to prevent day-to-day robberies, thefts, dacoities and bike/vehicle snatching incidents in the area to create of sense of security among the citizens.

BODY FOUND: A dead body of an unidentified youngman was found on the roadside near Kot Nawan.  The police have shifted the dead body to the morgue for autopsy. When the police recovered the dead body a pistol was in the hand of the deceased. Whether the deceased was murdered or he committed suicide is anybody’s guess. The deceased was not yet been identified.