London - Mayors representing millions across northern England vented their anger on Saturday as the government readied to impose a new three-tier coronavirus lockdown regime which critics charge will leave the poorest workers even worse off. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to outline the new regime on Monday as rates of Covid 19 infection surge particularly in the north, worsening a national death toll of more than 42,000 which is already the worst in Europe. Under stinging criticism after media leaks detailed the government’s plan, Johnson will give a statement to parliament following a weekend of consultations between his staff and leaders of the regions affected. Finance minister Rishi Sunak on Friday said he would pay up to two-thirds of staff monthly wages to firms forced to close over the winter months under the new system’s highest level of lockdown, tier three. But mayors representing cities including Manchester and Liverpool said the new support fell woefully short for those on minium wage like bar staff and kitchen workers, and self-employed people such as taxi drivers and security guards. Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, who runs a region of 2.8 million residents, said a “senior figure” in Johnson’s office had told northern leaders that Sunak’s package was “non-negotiable”.