KARACHI - Provincial leaders of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) said that the meeting to be held in Karachi on October 18 and it would be a public referendum against this incompetent and selected government.

“Imran Corona is the biggest corona of this country and as long as he is, it is not possible to eradicate corona from this country.

The PTI, which formed tik-tok, was banning it today. After the announcement of PDM meetings and rallies, earthquakes have started coming in the government houses and Shibli has become Gul and Gul into Shibli. Imran Niazi has now made the final decision to leave and that is why he and these ministers have gone mad,” these views were expressed by the PDM leaders at a joint press conference in Karachi on Saturday.

PPP Karachi Division President and Provincial Minister for Education and Labor Sindh Saeed Ghani, PML-N Sindh President Shah Muhammad Shah, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) Aslam Ghauri, Awami National Party’s Aurangzeb Khan Buner, Pakhtunkhwa Nazir Jan of Awami Party, Abdullah Jan of National Party, Mufti Muhammad Ghous Sabri of Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan and others addressed the function. Kohistani, Khalid Sheikh, former provincial minister Amir Nawab, Bashir Mandokhel, Siddique Agha, Muhammad Kamran Khan, Mastiq Noorani and others also attended the meeting.

Saeed Ghani said that when Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto visited Pakistan on October 18, 2007, there was a terrorist attack at Karsaz, in which more than 166 of our workers were martyred and hundreds were injured. “We hold a meeting every year to pay homage to these martyrs and we are holding this meeting again this year and we are happy that the central leadership of PDM not only announced its participation in this meeting but also declared it as the central meeting,” he added.

Saeed Ghani said that PDM had launched its nationwide protest campaign against the present incompetent, and selected government and a full scale protest rally would be held on October 16 in Gujranwala and on October 18 in Karachi. He said that the Karachi meeting would prove to be a milestone against the present incompetent rulers. He said that committees had been constituted in consultation with all parties regarding the meeting, in which a Central Organizing Committee, Media Committee, Security Committee and Traffic Management Committee had been constituted and members of all parties had been included in these committees.

Ghani said that as soon as the PDM came into existence and started its protest campaign, earthquakes jolted the houses of the present Federal government. He acknowledged that inflation had broken all records during his tenure. He said that inflation in the country rose the prices of all commodities and PTI’s govt was responsible for this crisis. 

He further said that circulars debt had reached Rs 2.4 trillion in the last two years of the present government and the incompetent rulers had taken loans of Rs 12,000 billion in just two years and pushed the people of this country under the burden of debt.

On the occasion, PML-N provincial president Shah Mohammad Shah said that at present there was not a single section in the country which was getting any relief. He said that media, judges, industrialists, traders, laborers and even no one was satisfied with this incompetent and sinister government.

Shah Mohammad Shah said that since this government took over, the number of people living below the poverty line had multiplied and incompetent claimants of houses and jobs had made millions of people homeless and unemployed in this country. He said that now the days of these rulers were numbered and Insha Allah the people of this country would fully participate in the protest movement launched by the opposition parties and prove that true democracy in this country is the people of this country.

In response to a question, Saeed Ghani said that a few months ago, when the coronavirus was spreading, all businesses were closed. Factories closed, educational institutions closed and even mosques were not allowed to have worshipers as they were today. He said that by the grace of Allah when all the situation had started improving after our efforts and implementation of SOPs by the people, all business life had been opened with SOPs. Similarly, we have started full economic and educational activities and political activities have also started with SOPs. “We have arranged millions of masks for the October 18 rally, and we will also put chairs in the venue in such a way that social distance is maintained,” he said.

Saeed Ghani said that at present the government itself was conducting political activities across the country but was criticising the political activities of the opposition parties. In reply to another question, he said that the political party which had been producing social media and tick tok, was banning it today. To another question, he said that our incompetent Prime Minister had sworn that he would not allow any institution to remain undisputed. “If an institution interferes in politics unconstitutionally, the Prime Minister has a responsibility to stop it, but our incompetent and unconstitutional PM himself has to discredit the institutions,” he said.

To another question, Saeed Ghani said that our Sindh opposition leader Firdous Apa was also well-aware that his Prime Minister was responsible for the gas and electricity crisis in the province.