“One good thing about music, 

when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

–Bob Marley

Nesta Robert Marley – Bob Marley – was born in Jamaica in 1945. The poverty and racism he experienced while coming of age shaped him and his music. He witnessed racism and discrimination in the hands of the white population. Later in his life, Bob Marley embraced the Rastafarian religion, a social and religious movement that had emerged in Jamaica in the 1930’s. Bob Marley produced more than 100 songs. Some of his all-time hit songs include Buffalo Soldier, Exodus, and I Shot the Sherriff. In the 80’s, Marley remained a politically charged icon. Through Marley’s music, people in all corners of the world came to embrace Rastafari. Bob Marley may have died in 1981, but decades later he is one of the world’s most revered icons. In 1999, the BBC declared ‘One Love’ the Song of the Century.