PARACHINAR - The 73 Brigade of Paki­stan Army on Saturday organised a confer­ence titled ‘Peaceful Pakistan’ for promoting peace and harmony in district Kurram. People from all walks of life in­cluding Ulema, political leaders, dignitaries and tribal elders, army of­ficers attended the con­ference. The objective of the conference was to maintain communal harmony and peace situ­ation in Kurram district. Participants speaking on the occasion said that some elements were inciting sectarian­ism in the country on foreign hands but they would never succeed in their nefarious designs. They said there is com­plete harmony among all schools of thought in district Kurram and demanded immediate action against such ele­ments. Addressing the conference, Commander 73 Brigade Brigadier Na­jaf Abbas said that due to the sacrifices of Pakistan Army, peace has been es­tablished in Kurram and other tribal districts.