ISLAMABAD - The PTI’s senior members will hold a meeting with all its five coalition partners to take them into confidence about the government’s strategy to deal with the opposition in the upcoming session of the National Assembly. As the joint opposition is all set to give tough time to the government on various matters including arrests of opposition leaders in the National Assembly, the government side is planning to give a befitting response to the opposition. Background discussions with lawmakers from treasury benches left the impression that the government’s senior members would ask the government to jointly deal with the opposition in the house. The PTI government, with the support of its five coalition partners, in last two parliamentary years jointly dealt with the opposition on different matters including legislative business. The two-year performance of the ruling clique reflects that it has been enjoying good relations with its coalition, as compared to the previous governments [PPP-P and PML-N]. The PTI’s government had faced a dent in the second parliamentary year as its one of coalition partners from Balochistan [BNP-Mengal] parted ways. The PTI’s government would not touch its former coalition partner, as it had refused to become part of the government once again. The five coalition partners including the MQM-P with seven seats in the centre, the PML-Q with five, GDA with three and Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) with 5 and the AML- League led by Sheikh Rashid Ahmed make a total of 21 members to increase the strength of ruling party in the centre.  

Contrary to the claims of political experts, the relation between the PTI and MQM-P in the last two years has remained friendly as the former supported its coalition partner in every difficult time.