ISLAMABAD-With the holidays just over two months away, Mariah Carey has her legion of fans buzzing over a potential Christmas collaboration. The five-time Grammy winner shared a photo on Instagram showing three chairs at, what appears to be, a music video set, with three different initials on each of them. The middle seat has ‘MC’ embroidered on the back, which is most likely the initials for Carey, while the other two that read ‘AG’ and ‘JH’ are more of a mystery. The legendary pop star, 50, kept her message simple by just posting a Christmas tree emoji in the caption. Her 9.5 million fans and followers wasted little time expressing their excitement, all while playing the guessing game as to who those names could be. Most people zeroed-in on two other female superstar vocalists that could fit the initials on the back of those chairs: Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson.