Islamabad - Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on Saturday marked World Mental Health Day here to create awareness in public about mental health issues.

A statement released by PIMS said that the day endows with the opportunity for all stakeholders working on the subject of mental health to converse about their work and what needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide.

The chief guest of the ceremony was Dr. Malik Safi Director General (DG) Health Ministry of National Health Services & Regulation. 

Prof Rizwan Taj, Head of Psychiatry at PIMS and Principal Federal Medical College highlighted the cause of mental health and the WHO slogan for this year is ‘Move for Mental Health, Lets Invest.’

DG health said that covid-19 situation has badly affected the lives of ordinary people due to economic factors, social isolation, bereavement, anxiety, depression and this has an overall effect on productivity which is a vital element at the moment for the country.

By putting efforts in supporting this vital issue, we can bring improvement in accuracy of mental health information and research system and can execute precautionary health promotion policies.

The scars of the pandemic will continue for months and will affect at least half of the population. There is urgent need for organisations, leaders, advocates and practitioners for a day of deliberation, solidarity and action.

The Director General Health Ministry of National Health Services and Regulation laid out the key initiatives that the Government of Pakistan has taken to make mental health a reality for the people of Pakistan.